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Are you missing out on activities you love?
  • Fun with family?
  • Can’t move around easily like you used to?
  • Sidelined from your favourite sport or workout?
  • Unable to participate in work and daily life?
  • Lacking the vigour to thrive?
Are you ready to get moving?

For over 18 years, Fit to Function Kinesiology has been proudly providing mobile kinesiology services for the residents of Barrie, Innisfil, and surrounding areas in public and condo pools, work-sites, in-home, and local community health and fitness facilities. 

Discover the healing power of movement through personalized treatment, specific to your condition or injury, at a location best suited to you. Feel empowered with knowledge and tools intended to improve the quality of your life so you can reclaim your independence for work, daily living, and recreation.

The mission of Fit to Function Kinesiology is to help you reconnect to movement as a form of healing and prevention, so you can get back to life. 

Discover The Power of Movement Today!

Book Your Assessment
Using questions, observation and analysis of your movement, treatment will be provided to get you moving better on the spot!

Develop Your Treatment
Experience a custom-tailored, movement-based approach that will give you the tools and education needed to transform your life.

Get Back To Your Life
Feel, move, and live better as you experience optimal mobility and improved performance for your life now, and into your future years.

Get Moving Today!

Movement Therapy in Barrie Ontario

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