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Injuries, medical conditions, surgeries and repetitive actions all impact your quality of life, independence and ability to engage in daily life. The secret remedy that plays a key role in a faster and better recovery is Movement! It is essential to being human. It allows us to feel complete, free and completely alive. Movement is also the first thing that is jeopardized when our health is under attack. That's why Fit to Function Kinesiology believes movement is the medicine needed to help you prevent, heal and recover from injuries and conditions.

By implementing an empowering, practical and goal-oriented approach to recovery, clients experience the success of being able to resume their ability to engage in work, recreation and daily life. This approach has ensured that clients experience optimal satisfaction through:

  • The provision of services by a Registered Kinesiologist, who has extensive education, and is an expert in understanding and teaching human movement.
  • Imparting education, tools and pain management strategies to improve quality of life and independence.
  • Working collaboratively with all members of the health care team to ensure a seamless recovery, and referring to other healthcare professional specialties, as necessary for a holistic approach to healing.
  • Engaging in continuing education to provide a practical and evidence-based treatment approach to ensure results are based on current research and methods.
  • Living and implementing the concept that movement is medicine by delivering services that improve the mobility, strength, endurance, and stability needed to get back to life!

What Can You Expect At The Initial Assessment?

It all starts with an initial assessment to establish the foundation for our journey together, and to identify the most effective treatment approach. We may communicate with your other health professionals for a clearer picture of your rehabilitation needs and restrictions.

During this consultation, you can expect that a complete health and medical history will be obtained, with emphasis on your key areas of concern. Following that, musculoskeletal and neurological screening will be completed, as well as functional movement and balance testing, as appropriate. Finally, the results of your assessment, advice, introductory exercises, and a plan for treatment will be discussed with you at the end of your appointment.

What Can You Expect During Sessions?

You can expect one-on-one 60 minute sessions, which typically involve reviewing and progressing exercises from the previous session. Depending on feedback from you regarding the outcome of the previous session, further evaluation will be pursued, as needed, to determine the most effective treatment direction for the current and future sessions.

Move. Transform. Live.