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Response To Covid-19

Hello friends,

Pools and gyms are open once again, hopefully, this time for good!

What precautions will continue to be taken to ensure the safety of clients/patients going forward?

To safeguard my clients/patients, I will monitor and follow updated guidelines as set out by the Ministry of Health and the College of Kinesiologists of Ontario, to safely deliver services.

In-person service precautions will include:

  • Enhanced hand hygiene and cleaning practices
  • Symptom screening for all patients/clients
  • Use of personal protective equipment

For those that wish to pursue services remotely, I can provide assistance through the use of phone, e-mail, or video for any of the following:

  • Questions, inquiries or concerns about an injury or condition.
  • Video sessions to develop, progress or revise your home exercise program
  • Adapt your gym program into a home exercise program
  • Provide recommendations for self-care about your injury or condition

Please note: Telehealth (phone or video) services are appropriate when they provide therapeutic benefit and where the goals of the session are primarily addressed by: active exercise, functional progression, education, self management, self mobilization, or monitoring (such as for external signs of swelling, redness, etc.).

As always, if you have questions, concerns or just want to say hello, please reach out via phone or e-mail, and I will get back to you promptly. I am here to help. In the meantime, focus on staying healthy, so we can get through this together.

Yours in Movement,

Desirée Knack

Move. Transform. Live.