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Why Aquatic Therapy for Joint Sprains, Surgeries, and Replacements?

After any type of surgery, or injury, increasing mobility is a top priority. Whether recovering from a joint sprain, surgery, knee or hip replacement, stiffness, loss of range of motion, strength and flexibility can quickly result from lack of use. The weightlessness of the water reduces stress on joints and muscles, which allows rehabilitation to begin much sooner than on land.

The key benefits to thinking 'water' for the rehabilitation of joint sprains, surgeries and replacements include:

  • Reduces pain. Low to non-weight-bearing movement, increased blood supply to working muscles, and the gentle massaging effects of the water helps people to relax and move without pain.
  • Reduces swelling. Decreases swelling and offsets the tendency of blood pooling in the extremities due to a property called hydrostatic pressure, which increases circulation.
  • Enhances mobility and flexibility. Through the assistance of buoyancy and multi-dimensional movements around the body, movement recovery becomes easier to achieve.
  • Removes weight from joints and bones. Moving while protecting and unloading your joints due to water’s natural buoyancy allows for earlier introduction of weight bearing.
  • Strengthens muscles and joints after surgery. By providing progressive variable resistance training against the force of the water, strength recovery can occur quicker and without pain. Muscles fatigue and recover quicker in the water than on land.
  • It's a fun healing modality! The water lends itself to relaxation and enjoyment with a feeling of rejuvenation. The ability to move opens the door to having fun, while healing.

Movement in the water is an excellent treatment modality to promote early post-injury or post-surgery intervention in a safe and forgiving environment.

Move. Transform. Live.