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Creativity is All it Takes to Keep Moving!

This is Marilyn, a current client of mine who is patiently waiting for a hip replacement. Marilyn's daughter-in-law originally made contact in search of aquatic therapy, to help Marilyn with preserving her mobility and independence. Although our journey began in the pool at the Innisfil YMCA, the effort and mobility it took for Marilyn to go through the rigours of getting to the pool became overwhelming, due to her progressive hip osteoarthritis.

To keep Marilyn moving, we opted for continuing our sessions in her home. We now have weekly sessions where we creatively work in Marilyn's environment with some simple equipment and items in her home. I help Marilyn with mobility, balance, strength, posture, agility, and assisted stretching. Between sessions, Marilyn carries out an exercise regime three to four times per week on her own that I designed and progress for her.

In the photo, you will notice Marilyn is shooting hoops! Yep, Marilyn loves basketball, and she keeps an eye on our amazing Toronto Raptors, especially Kawhi Leonard! When I learned Marilyn was a basketball buff, I started bringing my portable net and ball. It turns out, she liked it so much, she got her own basketball set-up! Marilyn practices daily to work on her accuracy, and also sneaks in some cardio, balance and mobility work! Good stuff Marilyn! Keep moving!

There are always ways to stay active, and I enjoy the challenge of finding creative ways to help those that are willing!

Do you have a loved one who cannot get out to exercise due to mobility or transportation challenges? In-home kinesiology sessions can creatively maintain mobility and independence.

Move. Transform. Live.