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Calling All Veterans! 

You may qualify for treatment benefits if you...
  • Receive a disability benefit
  • Receive services through the Veterans Independence Program
  • Receive financial assistance through the Long Term Care program
  • Receive the War Veterans Allowance (WVA)

Do you fit into one of these scenarios?

You are currently involved in the rehabilitation program through VAC as a result of a service-related injury or condition. If this applies to you, you are eligible to have kinesiology services to assist with your active rehabilitation. If you feel kinesiology is a rehabilitation service that would be appropriate for you, ask your case manager to make a referral. If you are not sure, request a referral for an initial assessment to determine if it is the right fit for you. 

You fall under a different type of program and, are seeking treatment for an injury or condition. If this applies to you, did you know you have access to benefits that provide you with 20 kinesiology sessions annually that renew automatically, no questions asked? All that is required is a doctor's note verifying your reason for accessing treatment. And, additional sessions are an option with a reasonable extension request submitted by the healthcare provider (Registered Kinesiologist).

You have earned these benefits, and I am honoured to serve all of you!

For more details and to check eligibility, follow this link.

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