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Whether your insured is recovering from a medical condition, an injury or surgery, a targeted and cost-effective recovery approach is best to ensure a successful recovery and subsequent return to work.

Based on experience, research and continuing education, Fit to Function Kinesiology formulates tailored, results-oriented movement solutions for your insured. Utilizing assessment findings, a customized treatment plan and conditioning program can be developed to help recover the necessary function, strength and endurance required to perform specific job and life demands and facilitate a timely return pre-condition status.

Insured independence and ownership of the recovery process is strongly encouraged and promoted through the provision of education and tools for exercise progression and symptom management.

Did You Know?
  • If your insured has been diagnosed with diabetes, arthritis, depression, chronic pain or fibromyalgia, many research studies indicate that regular and consistent exercise is the key to managing, and assisting with the improvement of both symptoms, and the ability to function daily.
  • If your insured is in the recovery process for such conditions as cancer, hepatitis, post-viral fatigue, a pulmonary or cardio respiratory illness, they may be struggling with fatigue and loss of endurance, as a result of treatment side effects. Involvement in a cardiovascular and activity-based program to increase activity tolerance can be expertly designed to improve stamina post-treatment.
  • Individual's preparing for or recovering from surgery can experience accelerated recovery rates by engaging in active rehabilitation, especially aquatic therapy.

With over 21 years of experience in the industry and involvement in regular continuing education, Fit to Function Kinesiology takes pride in providing top notch, client-oriented services. Rest assured, the needs of your insured can be met no matter what their stage of recovery, whether they are low functioning or preparing for return to work and daily life. By employing a comprehensive approach, the goal of returning your insured to optimal function and independence is the top priority.

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