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Desjardins Insurance Adds Two New Kinesiology Offerings For Its Clients

One of Canada's largest insurance providers is making Kinesiology a regular part of its plans – and then some. Until 2019, Desjardins Insurance covered Kinesiology as part of its extended health benefits when clients asked for it. Now, however, the company has begun proactively offering Kinesiology as a standard option to all clients with 50 or more plan members.

On top of that, Desjardins has added Kinesiology to their new Healthy Weight program package – a program aimed at tackling Canada's growing obesity crisis. "As an insurer, we have to do everything we can to help our clients support their plan members who need help managing their weight," says Martin Nadon, Product Manager, Health and Speciality Products. "Covering Kinesiology treatments is an integral part of how we're going to do that. "It can coach plan members on the safest and most effective physical fitness programs for their personal situation. It can also help prevent injury and frustration, and it will encourage them to keep up with their exercise programs and continue to progress."

Desjardins recommends that claimants check their coverage information before submitting claims to ensure they are covered for Kinesiology treatments. Claimants should also ask about what maximums may apply, such as maximum fee per visit or number of treatments per year.

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